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Our Ingredients

At Gewd Botanicals, we only use simple and natural botanicals backed by science! That means ingredients you can pronounce and no complex chemicals. Whether it’s our fragrant florals, essential oils, or our plethora of other botanical ingredients, rest assured that they are gewd for the earth, you, and everyone in between.

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Our Company

Gewd Botanicals originally started from a simple hobby of making products for oneself in high school. Growing up with sensitive skin, finding a natural product in a sea of products filled with chemicals and additives, always proved difficult. Taking advice from my mother, I played with various natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and other botanicals to formulate the start of Gewd Botanicals products.

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Since the initial formulation, each products has only improved since! Combining my love for science, plants, and my new degree in Biology, I’ve taken time and care into curating each product. Through trial-and-error experimentation and the help of James Madison University’s Biology Department, Gewd Botanicals will make you feel GEWD!

With wholesome natural ingredients from all over the world, these products are everything I wish I had. As we continue to grow, we will delve deeper into the research of new useful botanicals, creating fair-trade partnerships with producers, and ensuring our gewd mission of providing you all with top quality natural products.

Our Team

Hello! My name is Malique Middleton, the Founder, CEO, Chief Scientist, and everything-in-between here at Gewd Botanicals. Recently graduating with my degree in Biology, Pre-Medicine, and Entrepreneurship, I apply my diverse box of tools to all things Gewd Botanicals. Gewd Botanicals has been my baby in development for over 5 years now. I am beyond happy and joyful to share these amazing products that I have curated over the years with you all. Even better, as you all support this dream of mine, you support my dream of becoming a Dermatologist too! So, come feel gewd, come be gewd, and look gewd in your skin with Gewd Botanicals.

Malique Middleton

Founder, Chief Scientist, and Everything-in-between

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